Resume Design

This is a given – in this day and age, it’s borderline impossible to even be considered for a job if you don’t have a resume put together. And even when you do, the competition is fierce.

A research study from TheLadders revealed some shocking numbers: the average recruiter spend DOES NOT spend 5 minutes browsing a resume, but a mere 6 seconds.

I can help in making the paper standout, but the words on it need to reflect YOU.

Here’s a few tips:

Make sure you meet the basic requirements listed. Employers have plenty of applicants to go through and they don’t appreciate having their time wasted.

Take it seriously! Employers can tell the difference between applicants who just want a job and those who are passionate about the position.

Most importantly: PROOFREAD. I cannot emphasize this enough. You may be a sublime candidate, but one spelling or grammar error can land your resume in the trash long before the 6 second mark.

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