Probably one of the most important things I could’ve learned about marketing is that it is in no way, shape, or form singular. Captevrix, the place of my senior internship, views marketing as such:

We create a customized plan that best combines winning solutions and best practices, improving your vacation rental or travel company in all areas of its online and offline presence. Think of it this way, pieces of the puzzle don’t solve the puzzle, we help you solve the puzzle by strategically placing the pieces where they belong.

The Captevrix team gave me one of the best working experiences, and went above and beyond to ensure I learned everything I wanted to want to learn and more. (The occasional free pizza didn’t hurt either.) The work they do greatly surpasses expectations and the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail. In the few months I interned with them, learned more than I did with 7 years worth of college education. 


This internship helped me in identifying my skills and strengths during my time here and provided consistent guidance that helped me increase my potential. I look forward to a bright and continually educational experience with Captevrix and thank you again for all you’ve done for me.

Week 1  | After a brief introduction with Captevrix owners, I was offered a choice of desk and a cup of coffee. Sonja then gave me the run down on what I would be working on that week. Task included getting my Inbound Marketing certification through Hubspot, introducing myself to the workings of Canva (a digital design software), practicing and understanding both writing and graphics for the web and grasping the importance of having an eye for details.


Week 2 | The next week focused on practicing the creation of personas for The Breakers of Fort Walton, requiring plenty of industry research. Additionally, I implemented the use of social reporting – that is, scheduling several social media posts for various clients in advance through social media planning software. I also began putting together the format for an Inbound Marketing Guide for Vacation Rentals Guide.

Week 3 | Two other interns and I created a social media ad campaign for Performance Painting to promote their new Tampa location in Facebook. I created the social media graphics and wrote copy for a thank you landing page. Additionally, I worked on an email promo for The Breakers of Ft. Walton and a blog post for Captevrix. I also offered a full-time position with Captevrix as of Friday, May 20th. 2016.

Week 4 | My team and I kept up with the campaign results from the Tampa Bay Lightning promo for Performance Painting. Additionally, I began working on completing the Practicum portion of my Hubspot certification. I also corrected 52 Pinterest Boards for Performance Painting to ensure correct link locations, wrote blogs a series of blogs for The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach.

Week 5 | I completed several projects including an email invite with accompanying landing pages and automated follow-up for a credit union, the design of an ad campaign to push a new review management service towards Saint Augustine restaurants, and the completion of social planning for several clients. I also learned how to use the Hubspot Sales tool and created my first automated email sequence. 

Week 6 | Sent an informational email blast to a segmented commercial list to promote “Why Safety Comes First With Performance Painting Contractors” blog. Maintained social media updates for multiple companies.  Continued to monitor results of Performance Painting campaign. Attended a FLVRMA networking event in Orlando. Also, completed the design and launch of a PPC Cheat Sheet offer with corresponding workflow.

Week 7 | Created workflow for Inbound Marketing for Vacation Rental Companies offer and a wedding guide download for the Breakers of Fort Walton Beach. Learned how to work DJI Osmo camera by creating promo for The Tasting Tours of St. Augustine. Attended networking event hosted by The Knot in St. Augustine. Created a few blog graphics in between projects. Additionally, created magazine ad mock-ups, a case study, and filmed/edited a Gift of Color charity promo for Performance Painting.