Passionate is one of many things that can describe my whimsical character. With graphic design in particular being an integral part of my skill set and interests, I look forward to one day being a part of a company that not only looks outside of the box, but doesn’t care if a box exists.

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As a self-motivated, imaginative team player and tech-savvy ‘Xennial’, I have always been driven and eager to learn. Leading up to my advertising degree, I compiled over 10 years of design experience making graphics for peers as early as middle school using the now primitive Photoshop CS2 and other less notable photo editing software. Since then, I have also joined the marital ranks, braved my first tattoo, wrote a soon-to-be published trilogy, and expanded my expertise into:

  • Inbound Marketing strategies
  • SEO & analytics
  • Web & print design
  • Market research
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign
  • Workflow management
  • Web content development
  • And more…

Moreover, I’m equipped with a multitude of personal skills such as multi-tasking, exceptional public speaking, meeting strict deadlines, thriving in stressful environments, and endless creativity. These skills have landed me jobs for a variety of organizations throughout Northern and Central Florida.

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